"Common posture abnormalities — scoliosis and flatfeet"

published on 3 Aug, 2021


Scoliosis and flatfeet are two common conditions that afflict children, adolescent and adults.

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Bad posture is not rare these days, as we spend an enormous amount of time in front of different screens. The problems start earlier than before — teens and children often suffer from posture abnormalities. Among them, one of the most popular are scoliosis and flatfeet. What are they, can they be treated, and are they dangerous for health?

Scoliosis — definition and diagnosis

Scoliosis is a posture abnormality that occurs commonly, especially among teenagers. The time of puberty is a moment of the sudden growth of different parts of the spine. It might become rotated and curved, thus, scoliosis occurs. There are few conditions that can be a direct cause of this condition (such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy), but the majority of scoliosis cases is of no known origin.

The case of scoliosis without a clear cause is called idiopathic scoliosis. It may (but does not have to) run in family. As the condition occurs mainly in the group of kids and about 3% of adolescents, many think that scoliosis is caused by external factors, such as heavy backpacks. Although, that is not the case.

Scoliosis occurs when there is even the slightest sideways curvature (it can be no more than 10%). At the initial stages, the condition rarely has any symptoms. Scoliosis pain occurs at the final, developed stages.

Symptoms of scoliosis are mostly uneven shoulders (more prominent shoulder blade) and uneven waist (one hip is visibly higher). 

Scoliosis treatment

Most cases of scoliosis are mild and do not require serious surgery. To relieve the discomfort, a few exercises are recommended. Scoliosis exercises are easy, e.g., plank, pelvic tilts, abdominal press, or balance on one leg.

Any severe scoliosis should be treated, as it can lead to some serious problems. Some common complications are back problems, changed appearance as the body is visibly uneven and the worst of all — lung and heart damage. Severe cases require scoliosis surgery or at least special braces. Those are used when the spine is still growing. The braces are contoured to the body shape of a patient.

Flatfeet — is it a posture abnormality?

Another common condition is flatfeet. A regular foot, when placed on the ground, has this arch that does not touch the floor. If the whole feet are flat on the ground, it is considered a medical condition. 

Flatfeet are usually painless and are a result of underdeveloped arches on the feet during childhood. It can also occur after the injury and with age. Flatfeet surgery is not required if the condition does not cause any discomfort, such as pain in the knees and ankles. 

The problem occurs when flatfeet cause pain and hinders comfortable walking and running. A good solution might be the right orthopedic flatfeet shoes. They will allow a person to walk around comfortably without swollen feet and ankles.

It’s worth remembering that infants and young children might have flat feet, as their arches are constantly developing. Adults with this condition usually do not need surgery unless it causes problems with tissues, bones, or muscles.  

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